URGENT! Act Now to Stop N.C. House Bill 709


A bill that would give INSURANCE COMPANIES control of workers’ compensation in North Carolina has been introduced in the N.C. General Assembly. The bill – which WILL BECOME LAW unless we ACT NOW to stop it – strips injured workers of their already minimal benefits and shifts the cost of caring for people who are hurt on the job to taxpayers. If passed, these changes will go into effect IMMEDIATELY AND WILL IMPACT EVERYONE who currently has a workers’ comp claim.

This bill will move quickly through the N.C. General Assembly.

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URGENT! Act Now to Stop N.C. House Bill 709

Under House Bill 709, insurance companies want to:

  1. Force you to see a doctor that the INSURANCE company chooses…and not the BEST doctor YOU want
  2. Make it virtually impossible for you to change doctors or consult a specialist while on workers’ compensation, even if you’re receiving BAD care
  3. Take away your benefits if you disagree with the doctor the insurance company hires for you
  4. Cut off compensation for lost income and medical care after 9 years, even for people so severely injured they will never be able to work again.
  5. Give insurance companies the right to talk with your doctor and access ALL your medical records without your knowledge or consent, a clear violation of your privacy
  6. Force injured workers back to work in low-paying jobs that the insurance company deems “suitable”
  7. Shift the cost of caring for injured workers to the taxpayers

Many of these changes WILL AFFECT injured people with PENDING workers’ comp claims, as well as those who are hurt on the job in the future.

This bill is just another insurance industry bailout that will end up costing taxpayers and workers – unless we do something about it NOW.

The insurance industry and the N.C. Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of big business, are behind this bad bill to reform North Carolina workers’ compensation system. They have the cooperation of the bill’s sponsors – Dale Folwell (R-Forsyth), Nelson Dollar (R-Wake), Mike Hager (R-Cleveland) and James Crawford Jr. (D-Granville).

With the shift in power in the N.C. General Assembly, these groups think they have the votes to ram this legislation through and make it law WITHOUT debate or public input. But we can stop it, if we act now.

It’s time to contact your elected officials in Raleigh and N.C. Gov. Bev. Perdue and tell them to Vote NO on House Bill 709. CALL OR EMAIL THEM TODAY! Call and email the bill’s sponsors and let them know that you DO NOT SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 709.

If you wait, it will be too late.


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Contact your state senators, representatives and

Gov. Bev Perdue TODAY and ask them to VOTE AGAINST workers’ compensation reform in North Carolina.

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